A Heartfelt Paragraph


It’s been so long since I’ve felt anything like this. It’s the kind of feeling that is new in some ways and very recognizable in others. I sense you want me to express more, perhaps say more, and yes there is so much more I sometimes would like to say but I guess out of instinct and because of our circumstances I bite my tongue and hold back a little bit. It’s startling and even somewhat difficult to completely comprehend how this is even possible; to be falling for someone with whom I haven’t had any physical contact, but feel strangely connected on such a deeper level. So In truth, I can say, that you are not a stranger at all but instead more intimate than you could know. All this intangible emotion that fills my heart is easily and slowly taking over me, to the least provokes and startles me at the same time.

Like you stated once “it’s strange and silly to even admit it”