Falling in your arms

Wonder just how you got into my senses so naturally.

Don’t know what you do to me when we speak,

what charm you cast?

Don’t know how you get into my thoughts, with just a sweep.

Why do I miss you, without even knowing you?

It puzzles my mind and plays with my will,

dangerously inspiring my imagination,

that likes to fly and wonder without a north.

That feels attraction like a flower is attracted to the sun.

Couldn’t it be the warmth tone of your voice?

Perhaps, the tender patience you mastered while cautiously revealing me?

or even your composed posture while wanting to discover much more…

while, curiously wanting to read me more.

That same posture that seems to ‘sometimes’ intentionally fail so it becomes noticeable to me.

It is as if, I was something exotic and unusual, that you want to delight on.

What you don’t know is that you are unusual and delightful as well

So much so that makes me fragile and excitable,

So sweet that could easily get me devoted.

¡Maybe is the timing, maybe is the silhouette or maybe is all of it!

Some say that everything happens for a reason, when it needs too, when we are ready for it.

And even thou I’m not sure what awaits for me, for us.

I will cast myself to leap the gap that holds us separate

and wish with one flame of hope inside of me, with a wind of trust holding my wings,

AND, for the many serendipity’s that happens in life’s existence,

that I drop down from my heaven and fall in your arms, by faith.


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