April for Autism

If you have ever meet a child or adult with autism and have taking the time to truly get to know them, you will agree with me that this are very special people.

Some of the most extraordinary people in history were autistic. People like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michelangelo, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, and Bill Gates that still lives today. Autistic people have some special characteristics that are often misunderstood. They feel, think and act differently than most of us. That’s what makes them so special and amazing.

Mysterious… are just some of the enigmatic qualities autistic people have.

Did you know that just in the US, 1 in 68 children (1 in 42 boys & 1 in 189 girls) has autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? More than 3.5 million Americans live with Autism. Did you know that about 1% of the world population has Autism Spectrum Disorder? 1% of the adult population in UK has Autism. Did you know that Autism can be reliably diagnosed by the age of 2?

It is still unknown the precise causes for autism, even thou there is a lot of speculations, researches, and test being done. What we do know is that 2% of children in the U.S are living with autism. The earlier they have access to care, services and treatments, the more likely they are to progress. Early diagnosis gives greater opportunities for intervention that supports healthy development and improves function and quality of life.

Often parents are the first to notice that their child is showing unusual behaviors such as failing to make eye contact, not responding to his or her name or playing with toys in unusual, repetitive ways. This are all some sings that should be addressed with the child’s pediatrician.

I have a child with autism and if it wasn’t for early diagnosis and intervention, I would have probably gone crazy or deeply depressed because I knew nothing about autism until it was in my family. It was confusing and I was scare for my child. It was a hard reality to accept at the moment, that now has become a blessing to me and my family. He has blossom in so many ways and I’m now hopeful of his future. I’m grateful for all the support and resources provided to me as soon as I found out my baby had autism.

This is why I take the time to write about this subject and share this personal information with you. It’s very important and will be life changing for an entire family! Please share this information. You may not have a child with autism, but you probably know of someone who has!

Let’s embrace the differences, the awesomeness this month of April, autism awareness month!

Be supportive, compassionate & understanding!

Thank you & blessings to you.