A Little About Me


I am a 34 year old writer. I was born in Cali, Colombia. Raised mainly by my mother, without the support of my father and his family. I met my father when he was a teenager of 13 years of age. Didn’t shared a lot with him during that time. I was a teenager slightly rebellious and with some trauma to overcome.  I travel in and out of Colombia several times during my childhood. Traveled to Ecuador, and to the United States. Reside in Colombia until the age of 15, where initially I immigrated to New York with my mother and my brothers. Did not stayed for long in the Big Apple, since my mother sent me to live for a season with an aunt and her husband in Texas. After a year I left Texas to live in Florida where I resided for the rest of my adolescence, until the age of 22.

In love, I decided to follow my partner to New York, with the idea of living with him the crazy life New York has to offer. That momentum didn’t last long since I got pregnant a few months after my arrival. In general my stay in New York was not easy, however, I did make good friendships and gathered great memories. After three years of living in New York, one child, and an «almost» near separation, nostalgic for my family and my friends, I returned to my «home», Florida, where later I had my second son.


Years later, In the wake of a devastating disappointment, and the threat of falling into a deep depression, I decided to return to Texas, where I found the love, the union with my family and the fortress that I so desperately needed. I have returned to writing, to inspire, to paint, to create, to sing and to dream!

«The most important thing of this whole process is that I have re-learn to trust and love myself».

That is why I created this page, to show the world that after a stumbling block, a great challenge, a disappointment comes a huge opportunity of believing, of bettering yourself, of feeling, of dreaming and of loving again

With all my affection,

Vane Oro