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The Silent Fear of Death

Death is such a mystery for all of us, and yet it is so closely attached to humanity and to every day of our lives. This is even truer nowadays, where it is apparent we could encounter death in places we never thought we could before, like during a night out dancing, at a school campus, while running a marathon, and even when buying our groceries!

The shadow of death pretty much follows us everywhere. It lives with us, and it plays dangerously with every encounter we face and even the ones we don’t.

Just the other night, I was having a conversation with some family members at the same time the shootings were happening in Downtown Dallas, about how we no longer feel safe doing even the most essential things like going to work! It’s becoming a lot more stressful to live than ever before, which brings me to the reasoning that this, in fact, may be the main reason why we are seeing all this chaos happening in the first place. Fear feeds off fear and it spreads like a virus. Fear is everywhere! We can smell it, we can breathe it, and we can feel it. It’s a strange kind of fear too, not an organic one, but one that’s been imposed on us and FORCES us to believe that any moment can be our last, because, in fact, it can be.


I believe this is no way to live. While I understand the truth behind the standard psych-speak advice phrases like “life is what you make of it” & “you’re just tormenting yourself”, the reality is that in this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to not feel somewhat affected by all of it. Yes, there is a real potential possibility of a bus running over one of us at any giving time and ending one’s life. Likewise, there may be a very real gun in the hands of a very real shooter, and he could possibly end our life too! This is scary and very sad!

Personally, I would prefer dying a more natural way, like in some kind of accident (I would like to say in my sleep, but that’s just being extremely optimistic).

So… Is death the worst thing that could happen to us? Should we fear it? Should we fear people instead? Should we fear to go through our daily routine? Should we fear anything at all?

After a couple days of this questions rumbling around in my head, my answer is NO! We shouldn’t fear at all. Like I wrote before: “Fear feeds off fear”, and it’s contagious. Allowing all the negative that happens in the world alter our emotional state to the point of making us feel hopeless and fearful does much more harm and no good. How can we attack fear? How can we start feeling safe again? The answer is simple, LOVE! The opposite of fear is love, and just like fear, love is highly contagious!

We, in our most basic essence, are pure love. Even though sometimes loving and caring for one another seems hard, even unfeasible at times, due to the many internal constructs based on fear we have imprinted in our brains generation after generation, our souls know nothing better than love. There is nothing more profound, no more potent cure, than love.


So my suggestion is simple: if someone mistreats you LOVE THEM. If someone talks bad at you or about you, simply LOVE THEM. If someone hates you, LOVE THEM even more. You see, the problem we have in our society is not people with guns, nor is it people that think differently or people that hate other groups of people. The problem we have is people that need love! This world is starving for love. This planet is dying because we have become selfish to give love. The problem is that everyone wants love, but nobody wants to give it! The more you give, the more you will receive. That is my advice. Just LOVE from your heart, without condition, without reservation. If we want to help the world, if we want to see less chaos and fear, we must unite in love, because love heals all wounds.

“Dar es mejor que recibir”

Vane Oro

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I dont fear death


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