Free Writing

My Guru

I feel you my Guru

I listen to you,

I hear you in my sleep,

I feel you in my heart,

you whisper in my ear what my

mind refuse to see.

You tell me everything will be

alright, you want me to trust.

You want me to open my heart and feel

You are trying to give me courage,

You want me to have faith,

You want to make me see,

see that I can be,

be what I need to be,

what I need to become.

You want me to push my own boundaries,

You want me to explore my own limits.

I feel the need to transcend, I feel

the need to overcome, to believe,

that there is more than just this.

More than we can feel, more

than the eye can see.

You tell me all these things,

In so many different ways.

You’re showing me the way,

you’re telling me not to be scared

not to feel lonely in the journey

and even though sometimes I may forget,

your love shows me again and again, that I’m not lonely.

I’ve never been and I will never be.

I feel you are with me all the time,

protecting my heart, clearing my path,

guiding me wisely through

the dark of this world, giving me

light, giving me hope. Expanding my soul.

Thank you, my higher being,

my eternal spiritual soul mate, my Guru.

Without you I would be lost, I would be hopeless.

I only have to look inside to find you,

I only have to close my eyes to see you and feel your love!