Falling in your arms

Wonder just how you got into my senses so naturally. Don’t know what you do to me when we speak, what charm you cast? Don’t know how you get into my thoughts, with just a sweep. Why do I miss you, without even knowing you? It puzzles my mind and plays with my will, dangerously inspiring my imagination, that … Sigue leyendo Falling in your arms

Capsula en el tiempo

El tiempo es ilusorio además de mentiroso. Nos hace creer que tenemos más tiempo para hacer cosas, para ser felices, para conseguir el trabajo que queremos, para alcanzar metas, para declarar amores. Cuando en realidad no tenemos sino un instante. Un instante que requiere de una decisión. Un instante que puede ser eterno o puede desvanecerse … Sigue leyendo Capsula en el tiempo

A day of ball, Bloody Mary’s and home runs!

On Saturday, October 22nd, 2016, thirteen of our ‘BKDers’ went to play in the “13th Annual CPA Softball Tournament” put on by the Fort Worth Society of CPAs at the Randol Mill Park in Arlington, TX. All of the players arrived, suited up and on time, ready to hit the ball and win! Our BKD … Sigue leyendo A day of ball, Bloody Mary’s and home runs!

My Guru

I feel you my Guru I listen to you, I hear you in my sleep, I feel you in my heart, you whisper in my ear what my mind refuse to see. You tell me everything will be alright, you want me to trust. You want me to open my heart and feel You are … Sigue leyendo My Guru

A Heartfelt Paragraph

"It's strange and silly to even admit it"