Falling in your arms

Wonder just how you got into my senses so naturally. Don’t know what you do to me when we speak, what charm you cast? Don’t know how you get into my thoughts, with just a sweep. Why do I miss you, without even knowing you? It puzzles my mind and plays with my will, dangerously inspiring my imagination, that … Sigue leyendo Falling in your arms

Happy birthday my child

I remember watching you sleep night over night with overwhelming feeling of love and an equal amount of fear of losing you. I would sleep almost setting down with you on my chest for the first 6-7 months of your life, just so I could feel you breath and caress your tiny little back.  You … Sigue leyendo Happy birthday my child

The Silent Fear of Death

Death is such a mystery for all of us, and yet it is so closely attached to humanity and to every day of our lives. This is even truer nowadays, where it is apparent we could encounter death in places we never thought we could before, like during a night out dancing, at a school … Sigue leyendo The Silent Fear of Death